“It was through SCF that I learned how possible it was to lead a Gospel-centered life while still fulfilling one’s responsibilities as a medical student and physician. For the first time in my life, I heard stories from highly accomplished, intelligent physicians who could empathize with my dilemma. The Christian role models through the ministry encouraged me not to neglect work for the sake of God but rather to work hard for the glory of God. Their words of wisdom helped me see that choosing to study instead of going to a church event did not necessarily mean that I was less faithful. They taught me that I could follow Christ and still work passionately, that faith and work did not have to conflict. With that understanding, I now feel confident about my faith journey as I transition into residency training. No matter what tasks I will be doing, I can do them for the glory of God, and I thank Southwestern Christian Fellowship for teaching me that truth.”

  • Janie C. [Intern, Psychiatry]


“I am so thankful that God sent Stan and Karen to serve at Southwestern Christian Fellowship. They have opened their home, walked with us through the highs and lows, and most importantly encouraged us to grow in our walks with Christ.”

  • Carson S. [PGY3, Radiology]


“It has been such a wonderful experience participating and growing in my faith with SCF for the past two years. The testimonies of doctors and students at Monday lunch meetings have not only been a source of weekly encouragement, but also a space for me to consider how I can incorporate faith into my future medical career. One of my favorite parts of SCF is getting to go on the annual El Paso mission trip. There’s so much joy, learning, fellowship, and fun that goes on from practicing physical exam skills and seeing patients to midnight board games and early morning hikes. I think it goes without saying that medical school can be incredibly stressful and even isolating at times, but SCF has provided me with a safe space to decompress, whether through sharing burdens with peers or asking upperclassmen for advice. I have felt incredibly blessed by all the love shown to me by Stan and Karen and touched by how kind doctors have been in hosting events and opening up their homes to us.”

- Betty T. [2nd yr Medical Student]


“Throughout medical school, SCF has become my family. To say that SCF has shaped and molded me vocationally and professionally is to say I have been blessed with mentors and friends within SCF who have done so. From essentially my first day on campus, these individuals have supported, encouraged, taught, challenged and fed me spiritually (and physically). My medical school experience has been so enriched by the unique perspectives and strengths of my peers, which, while different, all converge on the ultimate goal of glorifying God. Keeping Christ at the center of all my efforts and hopes in medical school has been a challenge. However, the people of SCF have been God’s instrument to hold that priority in focus, and to fill the pursuit of that priority with joy. I am thankful to God for this ministry.”

  • Gray U. [3rd yr Medical Student]