March 20 - March 29, 2020

Early Registration Cost: $1600 per person (BEFORE SEPT 15th)

After SEPT 15th - Cost is $1800 per person

During our upcoming Spring Break in March 2020, SCF will be taking a group of 10 medical students to Jose Galvez, a small town outside of Lima, Peru. We will be partnering with a local church, Iglesia Cristiana La Roca, and their local clinic to serve the healthcare needs of the underserved community.

The primary goal of our trip is to set up mobile clinics to address the rural medical needs of the Peruvian community. We will be partnering with the World Reach Organization. This medical mission trip will not only focus on helping with the medical needs in Lima, but also have a public health component in getting to know the community and potentially include a short one day public health project that is planned and initiated by the mission trip team. Furthermore, since this is a trip sponsored by SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, we will also have an opportunity to engage with members of the community and attend church services at the mission site and their sister church. Participants will have an excellent opportunity to learn about what it means to integrate your Christian faith with medicine, as well as learning about the considerations that must be taken when serving in a different culture and country.



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This is a Christian medical mission trip. We will not be forcing or imposing the Christian faith on anyone (both students and patients), but we will be praying for the patients and having Christian related activities for the team bonding portion of our trip. For accepted applicants who are not Christian, you are not required to pray with the patients, but you will be required to be present and participate for the team bonding activities and bible studies during the trip. Therefore, a strong portion of our trip (time and resources) will be offering Christian spiritual care to these individuals as well as integrating the Christian faith in medicine. If you understand & agree, please check YES below.