DATES: MARCH 21st - 27th, 2020


(pays for lodging, transportation, most meals, and more.)


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Every year during Spring Break, SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (SCF) will bring a large team of medical students and attendings to El Paso, TX. We setup mobile clinics and provide FREE healthcare to underserved areas in the city. This trip is OPEN TO ANYONE, regardless of faith background.

Every morning after breakfast, everyone will meet for announcements, a time of singing and small group meetings.  We understand that not everyone is Christian and we want to make sure everyone is respectful to each other. If you do not feel comfortable singing or praying, please be present but don't feel obligated to sing or pray.  But if you have any questions about the Christian faith, please come and find any of the physicians or leaders and we will be happy to answer your questions. We will also have a different speakers everyday share their thoughts on being a Christian physician.   We generally leave for the clinic sites after an early lunch.


Our clinic sites will comprise of churches, schools, and community centers.   Students who are comfortable praying will be encouraged to pray with their patients before sending them home.  If not, feel free to ask your attending physician to pray with the patient.  Every team will also have spanish & english bibles to hand out, if requested.   Please remember that it is never right to force our beliefs onto someone. But we are to say and do everything with love and grace.  It is important for everyone to understand, that we do NOT believe that religion or faith is a prerequisite or condition to receiving healthcare.  We will not allow our faith to be an obstacle to anyone feeling welcome to be treated. We intend to see every patient with the exact same level of care and attention regardless of their interest in Christianity.  Because we are a Christian organization and our faith naturally follows us into the healthcare setting, in addition to offering quality healthcare, we will also offer spiritual and guidance support to those patients who desire it.

There will be time in the evenings for FREE TIME/R&R (rest & recreation) which includes games, basketball, volleyball and just hanging out. All students are expected to abide by the leadership of SCF and participate in all group activities. On the final Thursday evening, we will have a night of celebration and games as a group!



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